Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alice in Wonderland??

This was for my BFFs birthday. She loves Alice in Wonderland and she loves quirky things. Her birthday was Nov 1 but the celebration was last night. So much fun going to Chuy's.
So, about the was a painting I found on line and copied (4 times). you cannot see it in the pic, but it is layered and foam tape is behind each layer. the first being the whole pic, then Alice and the bottle, then Alice, and then just Alice's face. I thought the whole idea was cool since her birthday is the day after Halloween which is called Day of the Dead. Alice has the Day of the Dead look about any way, "Life what is it but a dream" is the last verse in the poem Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, which of course is the original works of Alice in Wonderland. To the left you will see small mirrors which represent the looking glass. On the right there is the crown from the Queen of Hearts and the golden key that got poor Alice into some tight places. (LOL) The whole thing was done on 9x12 canvas.


Kristin said...

That looks really really cool Michelle!!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

Wow I love all the details girl! You're friend is so lucky!

Sandy xox

Susan Stringfellow said...

wow - this is really impressive. LOVE the non-traditional mirrors. You have to tell me what you did to the letters

BrigitteG said...

Hello's a post from last year but...stumbled on it only today and...oh myyyy !! absolutely loooove your Alice project for your friend !!

BrigitteG (from Aust)