Friday, October 30, 2009

Busy, busy, busy for BY DESIGN

Perspective...Life is kind of funny....yes it is! This is dear, sweet Makael. I was unable to get good pictures of these layouts. Usually I take them with good so. Lots of rain here and no sunshine.
Yes, this is my (oldest) little prince (Christian) when he was 15 months old. I had a photo copy of the original and cut out the image and backed it with cardstock, then I used my photo tinting pens to color his clothes. The crown is from Buzz and Bloom. I was originally clear acrylic. I used Tim Holtz alcohol metallic gold ink on the back and some rhinestones and stickles on the front. Sometimes stickles can be a bad thing! See that lion on the bottom???? Should have left the stickles alone! You know sometimes you are looking for that perfect flower for your layout, and there's not one in your stash? Well I found this one on the Pink Paisley blog. I did not use a rubberband like they did, instead I used embroidery floss to tie it off. Rubberbands deteriorate over time.
Trying to channel my friend Kristen. Her pages are always so funky and cool...I didn't even come close...but still something different and challenging for me. This IS a picture of me from 1992. The night Patrick and I got engaged. Look at all that hair...YIKES!!!! But hey, they bigger the hair the closer to God, right?


Welcome to Yaya Chique! said...

Wow! These are GREAT...I can just imagine the details in person...xo...deb

Kristin said...

Love it Michelle your hair ...priceless!!!!

Susan Stringfellow said...

LOVE your layouts and that hair is really impressive.

hey, Speaking of hair...Have you noticed that Buttercup has a GIANT fluffy tail for a cat her size? Because Fig is ALL tail