Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just Dessert

I spent last weekend in Galveston with all my scrapbooking buddies. Sunday morning before we all left we did a round robin with plates. A great idea I got from Timi at By Design. This 1st one was done by me for the owner of The Red Victorian. This was a pass the plate idea...we just passed the plate around and everyone added a little something vintage. When it got back to me I went to work on getting it done before she went to bed. I got the pictures from the owners computer....with her permission. She just assumed I wanted them for my own. I printed them in sepia tone to be more cohesive. Kim, the owner, has put her heart and soul into restoring this 1860's Victorian home and is doing an amazing job! Oh, she has the most amazing Alaskan Husky named Cherokee. That's a lot coming from me...not much into dogs. BTW...she loved the plate...I think it really choked her up...especially the small letters that say, "the house that Kim built".

Maria's plate....loved this! So colorful and fun!!!

Terri's plate...her and DH on their 10th wedding anniversary.

Theresa's plate...her and DH on vacation....I bet she's glad she finally decided to come with us!

Kim's plate...(not the owner)...she decided no pic on hers...pretty cool...just home decor!

Kristen's plate....this was a blast to work on...she had all this strawberry stuff...and she is "berry" sweet!

Brandi's plate...this is soooo her taste...another one without a pic....wonder where she's gonna put it?

Ashley's sweet is this??? I loved how she centered the pic...and all that pink and black...gotta love that!

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